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It is that time of the month again where we share our favorite images from a random place we have visited in our travels.  This time we are hitting up the beautiful capitol city of Washington, D.C. in the USA.

There is so much to see in Washington, D.C., that you could most likely spend a month there and still not see it all.  Each museum could easily take a full day if you wanted to see every nook and cranny of it.  We were able to stay for a full week and had to pick and choose what was top of our list to see during our time.  Some places we enjoyed immensely and would love to check out again, and some were a one off type of thing where now you have seen it and don’t need to bother again.  Although this is just a sprinkling of what we saw during our quick stay, these are our favorite images from our week.

arlington cemetery

seeing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier under a watchful eye was a moving experience at Arlington National Cemetery

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It is that time of the month again where we share our favorite images from a random place we have visited in our travels.  This time we are hitting up the beautiful town of Todos Santos, Mexico.

A small artsy town located on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico, Todos Santos is a great place to spend a day.  The town has tons of great art galleries and shops as well as beautiful views of the ocean and a beach to enjoy.  We found the beach a bit difficult to find without some instructions so you may have to ask how to get there.  There may have been a larger road to the beach elsewhere, but where we entered was down a dirt road where the trees were so close to the road that we weren’t sure whether we would make it down to the beach.  But it was worth the trouble as the beach in Todos Santos is sand rather than rock like you find in Cabo.

Besides the beach and art galleries, they have a great town square with a gazebo that sits across from a beautiful white church.  And you can’t stop into this quaint town and not check out Hotel California, made famous by the Eagles song of the same name.  So head to Todos Santos and enjoy this little artsy gem.

starving dog

this poor sweet girl, just skin and bones, greeted us at the gas station as we arrived in Todos Santos

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It is that time of the month again where we share our favorite images from a random place we have visited.  This time we are hitting up our time in Seattle, Washington and bringing you photos from this wonderful city along the coast.  We spent some quality time in Seattle seeing a variety of sights including the skyline at night, the discovery park lighthouse, and 360 degree views from the observation deck of Smith Tower.  We enjoyed walking tours around Fremont, Pike Place market, and Pioneer Square.  All in all we spent about 4 days in Seattle, had only a 1/2 day of rain, and came away with some incredible photos to share.

seattle skyline

by far our favorite photo from the trip, the Seattle skyline just after sunset

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Today we are taking you to Olympic National Park located in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.  We spent two full days there on our trip to Seattle this past year.  We honestly would have spent another day there if it hadn’t taken so long from Seattle each day.  Between the ferry ride and the time spent driving to different parts of the park, 4 hours a day were wasted without really seeing much.  On our next visit, we need to spend a night closer to the park in one of the small towns on the outskirts rather than in Seattle.    You live and learn.

With so much to see and only two days, we barely scratched the surface.  Did you know that Olympic National Park is made up of several smaller ecosystems?  They have the rainforest area, the coastline, the mountains, and the areas around the river valleys.  We tried our best to pop into each area if only for a few minutes to get a full sense of the park.  It was tough but we think we made the most of our days there.  We could have spent a week, but a couple days gave us a nice overview of just ONE of the national parks in Washington.

These are our favorite photographs from our visit.

Olympic National Park

 waterfall at olympic national park

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Salem is most well known for the Salem Witch Trials.  And the city today definitely takes that to heart.  Everywhere you look there are pictures of witches, stores related to Wicca, and a memorial to those “witches” who perished during the height of the hysteria.  As you wander around, it is clear to see that Salem loves their strange history and it is what bring visitors to this otherwise “any town” USA location.

It is what brought us after all.

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beaufort national cemetery in south carolina

Beaufort National Cemetery in South Carolina


During our road trip to the South, we specifically stopped in Beaufort, South Carolina for one reason…to visit the National Cemetery located there where John has a relative buried.  After finding out the number placement of the gravestone, we searched the grounds until we found one Richard Sullivan of Ohio.  But even if you don’t have a relative buried here, it is a beautiful military cemetery and worth a stop if you in the area.

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wigwam motel in arizona

the vintage cars add to the nostalgia of the wigwam motel

Last year we had the chance to spend some time driving Route 66 and seeing some it’s most famous funky sites.  Among them was the Wigwam Motel, a fun vintage motel that is still operational.  Don’t you think it would be fun to stay in one of these enclosed teepees for the night?

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tree in the amazon jungle

a tree stands tall in the Amazon jungle

During our visit to Brazil, we were fortunate enough to visit an eco-lodge in the Amazon jungle.  We spent a couple days there and did a variety of activities, including a jungle walk.  Turns out that it is super easy to lose your way, so we had to be vigilant to make sure we didn’t fall behind while taking our photos.  After the start of the walk, it was understandable why, the trees are so dense and tall you lose track of people only a few yards in front of you.

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