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Old Lahaina Luau

You can’t visit Hawaii and not spend an evening at a traditional luau eating a feast and being entertained by the hula dancers.  We chose the Old Lahaina Luau because it is one of the best on Maui.

old lahaina luau stage and seating

the stage and seating at the luau

When you arrive, you are escorted to your seats.  Unless you have a large party already, you will most likely sit at a table with other couples or singles.  Now is the perfect time to say hello and find out what these other individuals have been up to on the island.  As everyone is likely a tourist, you might be able to find out about a great beach to visit or an activity to try you hadn’t thought of doing.

girls dancing at the luau

girls entertaining during the pre-show

When we first arrived, there were a couple different acts that went on as a kind of pre-dinner entertainment.  This allowed time for all the guests to arrive at the show and for them to start serving up dinner.  Dinner was buffet style and tables were excused in turn so there wasn’t a mad dash to be first in line.  The luau provided a large variety of food choices including the traditional pig, rice, vegetables, fish, desserts, and more.

luau singer

singer at the luau

hula dancers

girls performing a hula during the luau

The show began shortly after sunset.  There were the traditional hula dances, but also singers and instrumentalists. The show was well choreographed and the dancers seemed to really enjoy performing for the crowd.

male dancer at a luau

a male dancer is featured during the show

It was a true Hawaiian experience and one we feel everyone should enjoy during their stay on Maui…or another Hawaiian island.  Luau shows abound in the area, so find one that fits your time and budget and experience some of this island nation’s culture and history.