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Art Installations of Chicago

Cities around the United States tend to be famous for different reasons.  For instance, in Kansas City where we live, the city is famous for it’s fountains.  They are everywhere.  But in Chicago, it has to be the deep dish pizza, the magnificent mile, and the public artwork.  While we love the pizza, it is the art that we are sharing with you today.  Wander down any street in the downtown area and you will find art installations on nearly every corner.  From small pieces to large, the city of Chicago is proud to share it’s art with locals and tourists alike.

These are just a few that we saw during our visit.

leg art installation in chicago

she’s got legs, she knows how to use them


t-rex artwork in chicago

a baby T-Rex shines in the sun


strange art installation in chicago

this is just beyond bizarre…


art installation in chicago

this creature supports Chicago’s hockey team, the blackhawks


king lear art in chicago

King Lear was seen during our visit, but has since been replaced by other artwork


crown fountain in chicago

crown fountain, which in the summer spills water to splash around in


And last but not least, the most famous art installation in Chicago, Cloud Gate…aka the Chicago Bean.

the chicago bean

the Chicago bean at night, the best time to visit to avoid crowds


As you can see, Chicago it the perfect city for an art lover.  And if all the free public art to be seen around town isn’t enough for you, they also have the Museum of Contemporary Art.  Or visit any number of galleries to see everything from pottery to paintings to photography.  No matter what artwork you choose to take in, Chicago is your kinda town.