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Photo Essay: Olympic National Park

Today we are taking you to Olympic National Park located in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.  We spent two full days there on our trip to Seattle this past year.  We honestly would have spent another day there if it hadn’t taken so long from Seattle each day.  Between the ferry ride and the time spent driving to different parts of the park, 4 hours a day were wasted without really seeing much.  On our next visit, we need to spend a night closer to the park in one of the small towns on the outskirts rather than in Seattle.    You live and learn.

With so much to see and only two days, we barely scratched the surface.  Did you know that Olympic National Park is made up of several smaller ecosystems?  They have the rainforest area, the coastline, the mountains, and the areas around the river valleys.  We tried our best to pop into each area if only for a few minutes to get a full sense of the park.  It was tough but we think we made the most of our days there.  We could have spent a week, but a couple days gave us a nice overview of just ONE of the national parks in Washington.

These are our favorite photographs from our visit.

Olympic National Park

 waterfall at olympic national park


baby plants at olympic national park

hoh rainforest

river bed in olympic national park

glacier lake

old outhouse in olympic national park

little waterfall

winding road in olympic national park

elk enjoying some greens

second beach at olympic national park