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Thru the Lens: Favorites from Todos Santos, Mexico

It is that time of the month again where we share our favorite images from a random place we have visited in our travels.  This time we are hitting up the beautiful town of Todos Santos, Mexico.

A small artsy town located on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico, Todos Santos is a great place to spend a day.  The town has tons of great art galleries and shops as well as beautiful views of the ocean and a beach to enjoy.  We found the beach a bit difficult to find without some instructions so you may have to ask how to get there.  There may have been a larger road to the beach elsewhere, but where we entered was down a dirt road where the trees were so close to the road that we weren’t sure whether we would make it down to the beach.  But it was worth the trouble as the beach in Todos Santos is sand rather than rock like you find in Cabo.

Besides the beach and art galleries, they have a great town square with a gazebo that sits across from a beautiful white church.  And you can’t stop into this quaint town and not check out Hotel California, made famous by the Eagles song of the same name.  So head to Todos Santos and enjoy this little artsy gem.

starving dog

this poor sweet girl, just skin and bones, greeted us at the gas station as we arrived in Todos Santos

barbed wire

this barbed wire reminded us of what you might find at the tops of prison walls

wandering along the beach

we found the beach in Todos Santos and took a look at the Pacific Ocean

breaching whale

we enjoyed lunch and a show as a whale spent time breaching in the Pacific

crutches on the beach

John was on crutches during this visit, making our beach walk quite a task

birds in a lagoon

birds enjoying a bath at a small fresh water lagoon that sits a stone’s throw away from the ocean

hotel california

stopping by the famous Hotel California…did you know it was in Todos Santos?

chairs in a church

golden light from a window hits chairs at the local church

purple flowers

flowers can be seen throughout Todos Santos and these came in Jenny’s favorite color