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About Us:



I am an IT (information technology) guy who loves visiting new places and traveling by the seat of my pants.  I do not like to make many plans and just want to take adventures as they come along on our journey.  Not one to make lists and plan activities, I am the bread to Jenny’s crazy OCD (obsessive-compulsive) butter.  I am the level-headed and calm one of the two of us.

My favorite travel so far has been our trip to Ireland.  Not only is it in my blood, I am a Sullivan after all, but the beautiful countryside we visited there made me want to put on some jig shoes and Riverdance.  Or at least drink some good old Guinness.

Countries visited:  9



I am a CPA and photographer who has been traveling internationally since I was 13.  A lover of lists and plans, I feel the urge to plan every moment of our travel and ALWAYS try to cram in too many things in a day.  See the whole country of Ireland in a week?  Of course we can manage that!  Thank goodness John evens me out a bit.  Quick to a fight,  I am the hot-headed and irrational one of the two of us.

My favorite travel so far has to be our last trip to Cabo, Mexico.  Sitting in a cafe balcony, just the two of us, and having a leisurely lunch while watching breaching whales was an amazing experience.

Countries visited: 30


Together we make a great traveling team.  Some planning and some free-wheeling to round out each of our trips.   We have been a couple since senior year in high school in 1997.  I know you all can do the math, so that makes us in our early-mid 30s currently.  And it also makes us celebrating 16 years together in February 2013.   Wow, how time flies! Currently, we both have full-time jobs and only get so much time off each year to travel.  But we are hoping to possibly change that over the next couple years and begin to travel on a more full-time basis.  There are just way to many places to see in this world to only get a couple weeks each year to travel!  Happy trails!

About Traveling In Focus:

Traveling in Focus is a website all about travel and photography.  We want you to experience the world with us through fun (and informative) stories and amazing imagery.  Mixing our two passions, travel and photography, and being able to share them with everyone is really a dream come true. Because if you can’t share your favorite 5,000 images from a place with your closest 100,000 internet buddies then who can you share them with?

This site began because after graduating college with an accounting degree, Jenny decided that she needed to go back to school and fulfill her passion for image making by getting a second degree in photography.  Landscapes and wildlife being her two favorite things to shoot, travel photography came naturally.  And with her camera in tow and always asking for “just a couple more minutes to get this last shot”, there was nothing John could do but learn to love photography as well.  How else do you pass the time when your spouse needs to stop every few seconds for “another cool photograph”?  Well, you take her hand-me-down camera and start photographing as well!

So with a passion to share our photography and travel tips with family and friends, this website was born.


-To visit as many countries in the world as we can in our lifetime.  And by visit we mean spending at least 3 days in the country.  None of the “I had a layover and never left the airport but it still counts as a country” type of visit.   It doesn’t count if you don’t get out and see the sights and mingle with the people.

-To visit as many world heritage sites as we can along the way.  There are over 900 and counting so this is a tough feat to accomplish.  But they weren’t made heritage sites for nothing and we want to find out why!