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The Oklahoma Aquarium is located in Jenks, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa.  We were in Tulsa for a wedding and decided to stop by the aquarium on our way home to Kansas City.  We roamed the wide variety of exhibits they have on display and got lost for a couple hours in the wonders of the water world.

beaver at the oklahoma aquarium

a beaver snacks of fruit at the daily feeding

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prison bed in cambodia

a dented prison bed in Cambodia

Welcome to Tuol Sleng Genocide Musuem, where during it’s prison days it was simply called S-21.  Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, it was used during the Khmer Rouge reign to house Cambodian citizens that the Khmer Rouge considered criminals.  Criminals like teachers and monks.  Anyone with an education was considered disposable and put here at the prison where they were tortured and killed.  Out of about 17,000 prisoners, only 12 are known to have survived their stay.

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Cities around the United States tend to be famous for different reasons.  For instance, in Kansas City where we live, the city is famous for it’s fountains.  They are everywhere.  But in Chicago, it has to be the deep dish pizza, the magnificent mile, and the public artwork.  While we love the pizza, it is the art that we are sharing with you today.  Wander down any street in the downtown area and you will find art installations on nearly every corner.  From small pieces to large, the city of Chicago is proud to share it’s art with locals and tourists alike.

These are just a few that we saw during our visit.

leg art installation in chicago

she’s got legs, she knows how to use them


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Stirling, Scotland isn’t as well known as say Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Loch Ness.  But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have places of interest, especially if you are interested in William Wallace.  The most famous leader in the war for Scottish Independence, Wallace’s history ties closely with Stirling.  And even if you don’t know much about Wallace, this is the perfect place to start learning.  But don’t miss out on Stirling’s other historic sites as well.

As Stirling is less than an hour from both Edinburgh and Glasgow, it is perfect for a day trip.  Here are 3 places we think you should visit in Stirling.

jackdaws at stirling castle in scotland

jackdaws perch atop Stirling castle


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motif #1

Motif #1

As we were discussing Gloucester on Monday, we thought it was the perfect segue to show you another little gem from the area.  Sitting minutes away is another small seaside town, Rockport, Massachusetts.  And it is there you can find this famous fishing shack located on Bradley Wharf, Motif #1.  Technically this is a replica as the original didn’t survive a blizzard in 1978, but this is considered the most painted building (by artists) in America.  We think you can see why.

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A couple of years back we went to Gloucester, Massachusetts for a wedding.  To make the most of our time in the area, an area we had never visited prior, we went for several additional days and toured around.  One of the things we did was take a whale watching excursion.  We had previously seen whales in the wild swimming and breaching off the coast of Cabo, Mexico, but had never taken a boat trip out into the ocean to try to experience them up-close.  This was the perfect place to do this tour as we saw a handful of humpbacks and 2 other variety of whales as well, the minke and the fin.

These are just some of the photos from the amazing experience.

whale watching in massachusetts

this is what we saw the most of, tails gently gliding back into the water

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Pike Place Market is one of the largest tourist attractions in Seattle, Washington.  Located near the waterfront, there is lots to see and do here.  For instance, you can watch fish throwing at the stalls, buy beautiful flowers, or head inside to the large joke shop.  And if you are a coffee drinker, a visit to the first Starbucks is a necessity.

We spent a day wandering the market and wanted to share our favorites things from the day that we think you will enjoy as well.

pike place market sign

Pike Place Market’s entrance sign

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We have had the pleasure of staying at the Hacienda Encantada on 2 separate occasions.  Jenny’s parents have a timeshare at the Hacienda and have allowed us, graciously, to take their week.  So the hotel stay was free for us but we would have gladly paid to have enjoyed a resort like this.

The Hacienda Encantada sits on the Southern tip of the Baja California Sur overlooking the Sea of Cortez.  It is about a 30 minute drive from the closest airport located in San Jose del Cabo.   We have rented a car both times and driven ourselves down but it is not a must.  You can get a taxi or a resort shuttle as well.

the Hacienda Encantada

the Hacienda Encantada seen from the beach below

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